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What is "Stewardship"?


Stewardship is everything we do after we say “I believe”. It is the way we use the resources God has entrusted to our care- our time, our talents and our money - so that we can love God and our neighbor.


What is "Stewardship"?


Stewardship is everything we do after we say “I believe”. It is the way we use the resources God has entrusted to our care- our time, our talents and our money - so that we can love God and our neighbor.


Our Time & Gifts

 God has entrusted each of us with special gifts. It is up to us to discover these gifts and use them for the glory of God.  What is your "passion"? What gifts have been given to you?


There are many areas within St. John to share your gifts!

For people who enjoy visiting and being with others - there is a visitation team.

For people who enjoy reaching out and finding ways to help others - there is a Faith in Action team.

For people who want to help others in difficult life situations - there is the Stephen Ministry.

For people who enjoy sewing and conversation - there is a quilters group.

For people who like music - there is a choir and a handbell choir.

For people who love kids - there are Church School Leaders and Mentor Leaders.

And the list goes on!  


To learn more about how you can share your gifts with others, visit the Serve page and the Caring Ministries page.  You can also talk with Amy Graves, Director of Hospitality & Stewardship about opportunities to share in the St. John community.


Our Money

 Money is a sensitive subject, as it "binds us" and leaves us feeling that we "never have enough". But it doesn't need to be this way - money can be "freeing"!  It is all in the lifestyle that we choose to live in.


By living "above our means", we spend more money than we have which leads to more stress and higher debt. This leaves us feeling that "we never have enough" and cannot be free from the financial strain.


By living "within our means", we are free from the bondage of personal debt and financial worries and enjoy a life of balance.


By living "beneath our means", we are not only free from the bondage of financial worries, but we are given to opportunity to "give freely". Living in this abundance means that we realize what we need and what we can do without, and sharing our money where it is needed. It is understanding that we do not own our money or possessions, but are stewards of what God provides for us to share with others.


"... and we encourage a culture of genrosity so that we can advance the mission of the church both locally and globally." (from the St. John mission statement)


St. John shares financial resources with many programs - both locally and globally. For more information on how contributions are received and shared, visit the "Give/Pledge Online" page and the Trust Fund page


40 Days of Giving

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           Health and Wellness

                            from Dickinson to Malawi




During Lent, you are encouraged to slow down and reflect. As Lutherans, we set aside 40 days to let go of our unhealthy attachments and renew a right relationship with God. The season of Lent reminds us to say no to things that do not nurture our relationship with Christ, and to say yes to things that do.


For the past three years, we have said “YES!” to raising money for water wells in Africa. This year, we will shift gears and say “YES!” to health and wellness in Malawi, and “THANKS!” to practitioners of health and

wellness in Dickinson.


Where is Malawi?             Malawi is located in the southeastern part of Africa. The small country is home

                                          to 18 million people.

Why Malawi?                    ELCA World Hunger has identified Malawi as a country with a  great need for

                                          health and wellness support. The percentage of poverty was 50.7% in 2011.

How can I help?               If you would like to share a financial gift, there are ELCA World Hunger envelopes

                                          in the pews. Please write “Malawi” on the memo line if you give a check without

                                         an envelope.


You can also…                 Walk to Malawi!

footprintTo encourage you to be well, St. John will walk to Malawi, Africa! No, we will not walk, drive, and fly the 9,038 miles, but we will walk 9,038 miles as a community. Beginning Feb. 14 and continuing through Holy Saturday (March 31), you are encouraged to track the miles you walk, run, and bike (approx 2000 steps = 1 mile). And if none of those are your things, track each 15 minutes of physical activity to equal one mile. Submit your miles by emailing them to Amy Graves at , write them on the bulletin board in the Commons Area, or select the button below to log your miles!


                                                                     LOG YOUR MILES HERE


February 14 - March 21


FEBRUARY 14th             

           ASH WEDNESDAY                  Worship               12:10 pm & 7:00 pm

                                                                                           Lenten Meal         5:30 pm

                                         No worship service on Thursday, February 15th.


            SUNDAYS                               Worship                           8:00 am & 10:30 am - Health & Wellness

                                                             Adult Ed                           9:15 am    "What is the Bible?"

            WEDNESDAYS                       Lenten Worship              7:00 pm "Telling Stories of Faith"

                                                            Lenten Meal                     5:30 pm

                                                             Adult Ed                           5:45 pm "What is the Bible?"

                                                             Milestone Ministries      5:45 pm 

                                        No Church School or Confirmation activities during Lent.

                                        Programs will resume April 4th.

            THURSDAYS                           Worship                            7:00 pm  - Health & Wellness


"Telling Stories of Faith"

Wednesdays @ 7:00 pm


We will worship with Holden Evening Prayer. The message each week will be told by a member of our congregation who has a stgory of faith to tell about what the Bbile is in her/his life.


Health & Wellness

Thursdays @ 7:00 pm & Sundays @ 8:00 & 10:30 am


At the start of Thursday and Sunday worship, you will hear from health and wellness professionals from our congregation. They will share how their faith influences their everyday work. Throughout Lent, we will take time to pray for the health and wellness professionals in our community of faith, and in Dickinson. These people devote their entire careers to making you well. During worship, you will be asked to share the names of people for whom we can pray and encourage - these people work daily to care for us, and we are going to take some time to spiritually care for them.

Learning in Service to Christ  ADULT CLASS

"What is the Bible?" by Rob Bell

Sundays @ 9:15 a.m. & Wednesdays @ 5:45 pm

February 18 - March 21


 We begin our Lenten study on the book by Robb Bell, "What is the Bible?". Each Sunday class will also be taught the following Wednesday at 5:45 p.m. If you would like to purchase this book or get more information, click on the title above to go directly to  

*Childcare is available during the Wednesday night class.


September - May
Sundays 8:00 & 10:30 am
Wednesdays 6:30 pm (Camp-style service)
Thursdays 7:00 pm

June - August
Sundays 8:00 am & 9:30 am
Thursdays 7:00 pm
St John Lutheran Church
146 6th AVE W
Dickinson, ND 58601

Phone: (701) 225-6747
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