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Weddings play an important part in the life of St. John Lutheran Church. We believe that weddings assist us in one of our congregation=s visions: Growing Deeper in Faith.


We believe in the time prior to a wedding, when a couple prays about and considers their future as husband and wife, they are also growing deeper in their faith through worship, serving others, and contributing to the work of the congregation.


Who may be married at St. John Lutheran Church? Weddings are scheduled when the groom or bride is a worshiping member of the congregation, or when the bride or groom is a member of a family that worships here regularly.


In the event that neither the bride nor the groom is a worshiping member, one or both may take instruction and join the congregation. Following reception into membership, there is a six-month waiting period before a wedding may be scheduled.


The purpose of the waiting period is to allow couples to grow deeper in their faith as they look ahead to the time when they will speak their wedding vows. Growing deeper in faith is evidenced by regular worship, serving others, contributing to the work of the congregation, and participating in pre-marriage study. The waiting period also allows the couple to further discern how they will live out their faith lives in the same or separate congregations after they are married.


If, during the waiting period after membership, the pastors believe that the relationship between the couple and the congregation is not resulting in a growing faith life, we reserve the right not to schedule a wedding when the six-month waiting period is ended.


Important Wedding Documents

We invite you to read through and complete the Wedding Policy & Fee booklet. If the requests and requirements of the congregation are acceptable to you, complete the Wedding Application and contact one of the pastors to visit further about your wedding. As the day of the wedding approaches, a Wedding Information form will need to be completed as final arrangements are made.

(All forms will need to be printed & completed, and dropped off at the church office. 

You can also pick up these forms from church office for completion.)

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