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Joseph Natwick
Associate Pastor
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When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Literally everything. You name the profession and at some point I wanted to be it: detective, spy, president, doctor, superhero, chiropractor, basketball player, actuary, paramedic, journalist, etc. Now, as a kid in his 20’s, I’m really hoping to be the first chaplain on a mission to Mars (fingers crossed).


What is the craziest, or dumbest, thing you’ve ever done?

On my 14th birthday, I received a boatload of fireworks to bring to the family lake cabin. I proceeded to shoot those fireworks into a hayfield. Well, two very large blazes, a lake covered in smoke, an entire volunteer fire department, and one embarrassed birthday boy later…yeah pretty dumb.


What’s your secret talent?

Voluntary nystagmus. This is just a fancy name for being able to shake my eyes really fast. I guess it’s not really a talent. And now it’s not really a secret.


What is God up to in Dickinson, ND?

The same thing God is up to in all of creation: creating life from death, hope from hopelessness, and wholeness from brokenness. When we worship together in community, we are transformed to be people that freely and fully to engage in this divine work in our world. There is a lot of need in Dickinson and our surrounding area, but the Holy Spirit is here calling us to meet that need in the name of Jesus.


What is one important moment in your faith journey?

I remember my first “aha” moment of faith very well. I was blindfolded alongside my fellow Confirmands, being led through a dark and thick forest by my youth director, Rollie. Finally, when we were all laying in a clearing under the night sky he had us remove our blindfolds. The stars were immaculate. Rollie spoke over the silence, “the same God who created this universe and all those stars, created you, loves you, and calls you by name.” My whole life has been lived in the wake of this moment.  

Joseph Natwick

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