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What is "Stewardship"?


Stewardship is everything we do after we say “I believe”. It is the way we use the resources God has entrusted to our care - our time, our talents (gifts) and our money - so that we can love God and our neighbor.


What is "Stewardship"?


Stewardship is everything we do after we say “I believe”. It is the way we use the resources God has entrusted to our care - our time, our talents (gifts) and our money - so that we can love God and our neighbor.


Our Time & Gifts

 God has entrusted each of us with special "gifts".

It is up to us to discover these gifts and use them for the glory of God. 

What is YOUR "passion"? How do you utilize YOUR gifts to care for our world and one another?


There are many areas within St. John to share your gifts!

     For people who enjoy visiting and being with others - there is a visitation team.

     For people who enjoy reaching out and finding ways to help others - there is a Faith in Action team.

     For people who want to help others in difficult life situations - there is the Caring Team.

     For people who enjoy sewing and conversation - there is a quilters group.

     For people who like music - there is a choir and a handbell choir.

     For people who love kids - there are Church School Leaders and Mentor Leaders.

     For people who enjoy gardening - there is the Garden of Grace.

And the list goes on!  


To learn more about how you can share your gifts with others, visit the Serve page and the Caring Ministries page.  You can also talk with Tina Hanson, Stewardship & Trust Fund Director about opportunities to share in the St. John community.


Our Money

 Money is a sensitive subject, as it "binds us" and leaves us feeling that we "never have enough".

But it doesn't need to be this way - money can be "freeing"!  It is all in the lifestyle that we choose to live in.


  • By living "above our means", we spend more money than we have which leads to more stress and higher debt. This leaves us feeling that "we never have enough" and cannot be free from the financial strain.
  • By living "within our means", we are free from the bondage of personal debt and financial worries and enjoy a life of balance.
  • By living "beneath our means", we are not only free from the bondage of financial worries, but we are given to opportunity to "give freely". Living in this abundance means that we realize what we need and what we can do without, and sharing our money where it is needed. It is understanding that we do not own our money or possessions, but are stewards of what God provides for us to share with others.


St. John shares financial resources with many programs - both locally and globally. For more information on how contributions are received and shared, visit the "Give/Pledge Online" page and the Trust Fund page


2021 - 22 Stewardship


a new day headerThe crisp air, the hope of garden tomatoes, and the possibility of a long walk hit Noah and his family the moment they stepped down from the ark. They had lived without so much of what they loved for 40 stormy days and nights until suddenly -



You, Beloved Child of God, are given A NEW DAY each day, without the hassle of building an ark! Through Christ’s love for you, there is no storm or sorrow or shame or pandemic that can dull the bright promise of grace.


Just as you begin A NEW DAY each day, we begin a new season together at St. John. 

In this community, you will discover new faces in the congregation, a new set of Bible stories, a new Church School schedule, a new Faith Formation Director, and a re-newed Senior Pastor following a three-month sabbatical.


Where do you find yourself in this new season?  What is something new you might try as a part of the body of Christ at St. John? That thing you love to do (serve a meal, give away money, tend a garden, sing a song) might be just what God needs to proclaim Jesus’ love. Read what people who have already tried it have to say....


What are your gifts?  What is your passion? What do you get excited about?




I enjoy technology & that is why I enjoy working with the Audio/Visual for St. John’s Livestream — “...this is a career path I want to take when I get older. God has to do with this because He is setting me up with this opportunity to prepare me for my future.”       Jackson H



Maybe you enjoy getting your hands dirty in the Garden of Grace …. “Thank you so much for growing vegetables for AMEN customers. We appreciate the love and devotion that goes into your production. Our customers enjoy the wholesome goodness of all you provide.”       Gratefully, The AMEN food Pantry Board.


alexandraI serve on the Faith in Action Committee  & share my ideas ….“We welcome new members into the church, we brainstorm ideas about stewardship  for the fall, Advent and Lent, and ways people can serve in their everyday life.  Ways for families, and especially children, to connect with their faith.”              Alexandra  J


amandaI love being a Confirmation Mentor —it’s super rewarding & fun … “I get to see these kids grow in their faith and learn about their religion, and they have fun while they’re doing it! It also help me grow in my own faith.  Giving just an hour a month makes such a huge difference in their lives.”        Amanda W



Mission Trips and Youth ... “One of my favorite things about the St John youth Group is their propensity toward service and care for their neighbor. It is incredibly important for this congregation to be aware of how

selfless and “other focused” these young adults are!”     Laney H   


If you are still wondering where you “fit”,

visit the  “SERVE & CONNECT” page for more ideas to serve within St. John’s programs,

and serving others in the community and world! 

If your “passion” isn’t there …. visit with a pastor!


It’s a New Day!—and perhaps a time for a new Ministry!




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