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What is "Stewardship"?


Stewardship is everything we do after we say “I believe”. It is the way we use the resources God has entrusted to our care - our time, our talents (gifts) and our money - so that we can love God and our neighbor.


What is "Stewardship"?


Stewardship is everything we do after we say “I believe”. It is the way we use the resources God has entrusted to our care - our time, our talents (gifts) and our money - so that we can love God and our neighbor.


Our Time & Gifts

 God has entrusted each of us with special "gifts".

It is up to us to discover these gifts and use them for the glory of God. 

What is YOUR "passion"? How do you utilize YOUR gifts to care for our world and one another?


There are many areas within St. John to share your gifts!

     For people who enjoy visiting and being with others - there is a visitation team.

     For people who enjoy reaching out and finding ways to help others - there is a Faith in Action team.

     For people who want to help others in difficult life situations - there is the Stephen Ministry.

     For people who enjoy sewing and conversation - there is a quilters group.

     For people who like music - there is a choir and a handbell choir.

     For people who love kids - there are Church School Leaders and Mentor Leaders.

     For people who enjoy gardening - there is the Garden of Grace.

And the list goes on!  


To learn more about how you can share your gifts with others, visit the Serve page and the Caring Ministries page.  You can also talk with Tina Hanson, Stewardship & Trust Fund Director about opportunities to share in the St. John community.


Our Money

 Money is a sensitive subject, as it "binds us" and leaves us feeling that we "never have enough".

But it doesn't need to be this way - money can be "freeing"!  It is all in the lifestyle that we choose to live in.


  • By living "above our means", we spend more money than we have which leads to more stress and higher debt. This leaves us feeling that "we never have enough" and cannot be free from the financial strain.
  • By living "within our means", we are free from the bondage of personal debt and financial worries and enjoy a life of balance.
  • By living "beneath our means", we are not only free from the bondage of financial worries, but we are given to opportunity to "give freely". Living in this abundance means that we realize what we need and what we can do without, and sharing our money where it is needed. It is understanding that we do not own our money or possessions, but are stewards of what God provides for us to share with others.


St. John shares financial resources with many programs - both locally and globally. For more information on how contributions are received and shared, visit the "Give/Pledge Online" page and the Trust Fund page


2020 - 21 Stewardship

salt light

You are the SALT of the earth.

But what good is salt if it has lost its flavor?

Can you make it salty again?

You are the LIGHT of the world,

like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.

Matthew 5:13-14 (NLT)


Salt & light have been around since time began, improving life in uniquely simple ways. They make life on earth at least a little better, in moderation. With no more than a pinch of salt and the flame of a tealight candle, food is tastier and you find the way through your home when the electricity fails.


In preparation for 2021, this fall stewardship season is simple. I hope it simply teaches you why giving money to St. John improves life in Jesus’ name. I hope you gain a better understanding of what happens to each

dollar you give as it travels to ---

 1  wrap up a new mother in a quilt,2


or to the home of a child

in Dickinson

receiving food from the

Dickinson Backpack Program.


 We focus on the past six months, when we began to worship from home and discovered new ways to connect. For you and the community of St. John, this season has presented new challenges. And yet, there have been pinches of salt and tealight candles improving life in uniquely simple ways.


 "To me, the MISSION TRIP is a way to give back to the world while also growing in my faith and my love for God. Every year that I go on the trip, I'm at an all-time high in my faith and mental health. Without going this year, I feel like I am missing that high in my life. I am so excited for the next trip."   ~ Hailey R




  Kids participate in    54


 as they "search for 3 things"!



"CHURCH SCHOOL fun" on YouTube!

 ~ Tina H


 “I never really considered racism to be an issue that affected me. I knew I didn't judge people by the color of their skin and I thought that was all that mattered. The journey that we took in this RACISM BOOK CLUB opened my eyes to the reality of systemic racism and issues I had no clue about. I hope to continue to dig in and learn more, and I hope you will too.

 Thank you Pastor Joe and Pastor Dorothy for leading us on this sometimes painful, but always thought provoking and enlightening path. I believe the only way we can hope for change is through understanding.”  ~ Jean H



 "I have enjoyed the creative way that each subject has been addressed at  WorshipLab on Thursday evenings. Everything from racial justice to Covid-19 has been discussed. It has been a learning experience and we should never stop learning.  We have been made aware of our differences, and yet we are all people of God brought together to worship, love , understand,  and accept each other.

 I feel so blessed to be able to watch and use my laptop virtually. I feel included with the passing of peace as well as communion.  Thank you.”   ~ Josie D


A pledge is your commitment to make a financial gift that supports the mission of St. John. Pledging is a response to God's call and abundance in our own lives - it's a statement of thanksgiving!

Completing your pledge online offers you the opportunity to make your commitment whenever you are ready.



Salt does not lose its saltiness,

and light does not cease to break through darkness,

as we continue Living in Service to Christ.





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These services will resume in the fall.









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