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Grace Enough for Now ~ "There's Nothing Like a Good List!"
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~ Lisa Lewton, Senior Pastor


I love making a list of tasks I need to accomplish and I love even more to cross a completed task off of the list. I love it! Rarely will I leave my office on a Friday without a fresh list all ready to welcome me into the next week! Okay, I guess I don’t blame you for rolling your eyes at me just now.


Perhaps a beloved list fools me into believing that I have life situated, organized, and all in place. Of course, this is never really true. There is always something more that needs to be done. One more task to add to the list. But a list gives me a sense, if only for a moment, that life can proceed with a little bit of order. And that gives me peace and hope in a world as unpredictable as this one.


At the Adult Forum on Sun., April 24, we are going to talk about making a plan. It is a list, really. We are going to teach you how to make a plan for your own funeral. I know, this may be a touchy subject. It may not seem like polite conversation to remind you that you will, like me, one day have a funeral. And when I visit with families at the funeral home getting ready for their loved one’s funeral, they approach that day with a bit of relief when the person who has died has made a plan. St. John has a helpful guide to make a plan for your funeral, to help you think about cremation or burial, pallbearers, Scripture, and hymns.


In March, I had the privilege of visiting with Clyde Frank in his hospital room as he made these decisions. It was imperative to him that he was prepared for that day so his sons would not need to. It was a blessing to them, just as he was a blessing to them. On one of his last days, this good friend of mine shared names of pallbearers, Scripture that meant a great deal to him, and also that he wanted memorials to be designated to St. John’s Trust Fund, which was a significant ministry to him.


That was a holy conversation, one I will probably never forget.


We are inviting you into holy conversations like that one on April 24. Planning a funeral is sacred work. It is indeed more sacred than something to cross off a to-do list. It means trusting in God’s promise of eternal life enough to let go of this one some day.


In the meantime, choosing a hymn or two that people will sing as they celebrate the work God has done through you in this world, is grace enough for now.



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