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By, Pastor Lisa Lewton


Growing up at Our Savior’s Lutheran in Sherwood, I sat in one of two places: next to my Grandma

Florence in about the fifth pew from the front, or in the first pew, close to my mom and the organ she was playing. (BTW, she is a retired organist, she has clarified with me. So don’t even ask if she would like to play at St. John! I’ve already tried.)


Sometimes I helped my mom, by turning the pages of her music. Looking back, this job also kept her wiggly daughter occupied while she was trying to play. It was a mutually beneficial activity. Standing to the right of my mom, I knew it was time to turn the page when she nodded at me. If I happened to be distracted, it would be a sharp nod. But most of the time, I think I paid attention. I remember feeling kind of important, standing at the front of the church next to the organ, responsible for helping the organist. How would my mom ever play without the page turner? How would the congregation ever survive without the page turner?!


Well, the truth is that it did. I got older and embarrassed about standing in the front and helping the

organist. Eventually I moved to college and wasn’t there at all to turn pages. And somehow, the music played on. The pages kept turning.


Throughout this particularly busy summer at St. John, I spent some time turning pages in the church’s written history. If you were at the congregational meeting on July 17, you heard me tell some of the

stories from those pages. As I turned those pages, I discovered the story of how St. John’s footprint in Dickinson came to be. Past councils and individuals took leap of faith after leap of faith, believing this congregation would steward well the land that would be passed on from generation to generation.


On July 17, this congregation voted to purchase the property at 141 5th Ave. West. The cost of the property cannot exceed $150,000. The cost of demolition and landscaping must not exceed $75,000. What is the purpose of the congregation’s decision to purchase this property? We do not quite know yet. That page in history has not yet been turned.


Prior to the congregational meeting, the council approached this conversation faithfully and wisely.

We have wondered together what might be God’s preferred future for that lot. This congregation has a sense that we would be faithful stewards of that property for the sake of the neighbors of the church building, and for the sake of the future of this congregation. It has been a joy to be a part of such a

faith-filled decision. I witnessed council and congregation members exchange thoughts, disagree, and listen to one another when we met to discern on July 17.


As the pages in St. John’s history continue to turn, I am grateful to stand beside you to help turn the page. May we continue always to be faithful to the death and resurrection of Christ as the music plays on and God guides us into each next day.


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