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Grace Enough for Now
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~ By Lisa Lewton, Senior Pastor  


Many years ago, someone told me a story about a time she was a little girl looking over her dad’s shoulder when he was writing a check. It was the 1960’s in Minnesota. When she asked what he was doing, he explained he was writing a check to the United Negro College Fund. Like any small child, her next question was, “Why?” She wondered why the United Negro College Fund when she and everyone she knew was white.


“Because every person deserves an education.”


The words stuck with her. It was a powerful moment that taught her about sharing money with people even though you would never meet them to understand the impact of the donation. Kids learn from what they see grown-ups do.


I was reminded of that story at a staff meeting in September. Amy Graves gives her contributions electronically, and feels the awkward moment of passing the offering plate without putting anything in it. Recently, she looked at her son after she passed the plate and assured him, “You know, I do give! Did you know that?”

She knew kids learn from what they see grown-ups do. It was a teachable moment for both of them.


As the Fall Stewardship Campaign kicks off in Oct., you will learn about some new approaches to giving. Because we have heard other people name the awkwardness of passing an offering plate when they contribute electronically, you will see new cards at the entry doors. People who contribute electronically can drop in one of these cards that states, “I give electronically.” Dropping something in the offering plate is a sacred act, and even though I love the convenience of giving electronically, this will teach our congregation’s kids something about giving. (For starters, that we do give!)


As my own kids grow up in the digital age, well versed in websites and apps, I am excited to teach them about our church’s app for giving. On the app, you can give to general, outreach, the Trust Fund, or the special designation you would otherwise see in your offering envelopes.



Spending money will always be easy. And now giving, too, is easy.

The difference is, only one of them leaves me feeling great for a long, long time.


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