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Grace Enough for Now
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This is the month we hear all about love.  Love is shared with flowers, chocolate, jewelry, fancy dinners, and so on. Love is beautiful and delicious on Feb. 14th.


There are so many images of love to draw from, in addition to these beautiful and delicious ones. Love is a welcomed hug, a kiss, and a simple act of kindness for someone you care deeply about. Love is all of those things.


You have certainly heard at a wedding sometime that love is patient and kind. It is not envious or boastful or rude. Love is beautiful and delicious, like flowers and chocolate. Wait!  That’s not exactly what Paul wrote.


Paul was writing all about love in 1 Corinthians 13 because the church in Corinth had forgotten all about it. This new Christian church had become wrapped up in whose spiritual gift was the greatest, and they had made a great big fight out of it. One person argued his gift of teaching was the best. One person argued her gift of speaking in tongues was the best. And then there was the healer and the worker of miracles. They each loved their own gift the best!

So Paul brought them a different image of love. He assured them even if their spiritual gift really was the greatest, it was nothing without love. Only love makes a thing a great thing. Love can bear all things and believe all things, hope all things and endure all things. And love, unlike flowers and chocolate and many of our relationships, never ends.


Love never ends.


And that is the moment in the reading you discover Paul was not writing about human love at all! The church in Corinth might have offered amazing spiritual gifts, but as long as it created division, there was no love.


For Valentine’s Day, you just might get the chocolates you don’t like, and the flowers might wilt in the cold weather. And you might hear a whole lot about love that promises to be beautiful and delicious. But chocolate and flowers and beautiful spiritual gifts are empty without a love that comes from God.


Truthfully, I find Feb. 14 to be a bit disappointing. Maybe I eat too much chocolate the rest of the year, so it tends to be a letdown! Or maybe I expect too much and I forget that, really, love is a simple thing.


Whatever gift you might share or receive on that day and on any day, may it be filled with the love of God. This love never ends. It is not envious or boastful or rude. It is beautiful and delicious. And will fill you with a love that doesn’t notice if the chocolates are the ones you don’t like, and the flowers have wilted. A love that never ends is worth talking about every day, giving you grace enough for now.


                                         By Lisa Lewton, Senior Pastor


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