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What Will My Kids Do All Summer Long?
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Summer vacation has arrived! At our house, that means a three-month break from before-school franticness. These routine questions can be packed up for the summer:


“Did you do your homework?”

“How did you forget to do your homework?”

“Where are your winter gloves and hat?”

“Exactly how much stuff did you leave in your locker?”

“What do you mean, ‘There are no school snacks left?’, when I just went to the grocery store yesterday?!!!”


Along with fewer frantic questions, three months without school leaves my kids with fewer things to do. Although they believe they can stay busy with fidget spinners, plastic bottle-flipping, tablets, and a few extra chores. Like most moms and dads I always wonder what my kids will do all summer long without the routine of the school day.


And so we sign up for camps: basketball, engineering, football, wrestling, and Bible Camp. And we sign up for activities: baseball, swim lessons, dance, and gymnastics. I’m glad to have an answer to the question, “What will my kids do all summer long?”, and yet I remember vowing not to become a parent who overcommits my kids to too many activities!


Why do we sign them up for so many activities? Perhaps it is to address the question of how to fill the summer. But I hope that isn’t the only answer. I hope, as parents, we are choosy about how we teach kids to fill their time. With social media at the tips of our fingers, filling our time is as easy as holding a phone.


But how to faithfully  fill the time in God’s gift of a day is a different question. How do we raise kids to begin to recognize that time is a fragile gift? And eventually, our kids will need to figure out for themselves how to steward their time, so how can adults around them model spending time in a way that is healthy and life-giving for our own selves, and for others?


In last month’s newsletter, Pastor Joe provided some great ideas to bring faith into the time you spend together. If you missed it, I encourage you to go back a month and read it. And if your family hasn’t signed up for camp or a retreat at Badlands Ministries Bible Camp, that is time well spent.


No matter how busy your summer gets, you can easily stay connected to your community of faith at St. John. Listen to sermon podcasts on the website, follow St. John’s Facebook page, worship live along with us on KDIX radio at 9:30 a.m. on Sundays, and pray for the work of the church as it continues throughout the summer.


Time is shaped differently in these three months that often go very fast. So take a look at your calendar and make sure it isn’t too full. There is grace enough for now to teach kids to spend time faithfully and not busily.


by Lisa Lewton, Senior Pastor


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