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Grace Enough for Now
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“Wow! This is the best chocolate milk I have ever tasted. It is so delicious! Would you share your recipe?”


I was perhaps nine years old and thought I was pretty clever to add chocolate milk as a second

beverage selection at my lemonade stand. My “recipe” consisted of skim milk and a healthy helping of Hershey’s Syrup. My “customer”, who was also our school superintendent and lived around the corner from my house, appeared to me to have never tasted chocolate milk before in his life. I ran into the house, wrote my recipe on a notecard and speedily delivered it.


Thirty years later, I remember very clearly the pride I felt at creating a concoction that impressed a grown-up. Thirty years later, I also realize he had probably tasted chocolate milk and it might not have been as amazing as he made it out to be. But the lesson has been learned: tell a kid he or she did a great job at something, and they just might believe you.


As a pastor, I get to do this a lot. I get to see kids do great things all the time and point out their

awesomeness. They bravely sit up front during worship and participate. They pay attention and write thoughtful words on worship notes. They sing their hearts out at Day Camp and ask profound

questions about the Christian faith. They choose to work at Bible Camp, where they work long hours for little pay. They give up their week of paid work or a sports camp to learn and serve on a mission trip, not even knowing where they will go!


On August 17 and 20 at worship, come and hear stories from mission trip youth, because by that time, God will have opened their eyes to something new. I encourage you to, well, encourage them! Ask them something about their trip. Thank them for serving on behalf of the congregation. Pray for them as they wonder why God needed them to be on that mission trip. Tell a kid he or she did a great job, and they just might believe you.


There is story after story in the Scriptures of God doing incredible work through kids. There were the girls who pulled baby Moses out of the reeds of the Nile River. There was David, Esther, and the boy who handed the bread over to Jesus to feed more than 5,000 people. (These are all much more amazing than my glass of chocolate milk, I might add.)


Who are the kids God has set around you to encourage? If you are an adult, do you remember the power of your voice to create confidence in youth?


It was a great joy for the congregation on Thursday, July 13 to give a blessing to Mackee Hoffman and Ashely Tangen Greenwood. These women grew up at St. John and have discerned a call to

public ministry. Some of you encouraged them along the way and your voice was heard.


What other encouragement might you give to the children and youth around you, making something as simple as a glass of chocolate milk a way to encourage? Your simple words are grace enough for now.


by Lisa Lewton, Senior Pastor

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