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Grace Enough for Now
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As soon as fall benchthe words left my mouth, I wanted to reel them back in.


My family was walking on a trail at Schnell Recreation Area, enjoying a beautiful Sunday in September. Well…that is not entirely true. Most of us were enjoying the day. There might have been one young Lewton who would have preferred to be at home, playing with friends.


At one point, I was walking behind one of my sons and asked him,

“What do you think you’ll do when we get home?” Those are the words I wanted to reel back in.


What is it about constantly wanting to know what comes next? There we were, on a beautiful trail on a beautiful day, and I invited my son to stop paying attention to where we were. “Most of us move so quickly that our surroundings become no more than a blurred scenery we fly past on our way to somewhere else,” wrote Barbara Brown Taylor in the book An Altar in the World.


What is it that keeps us from paying attention to the place where we are, no matter where that might be? Why do we fly past so many moments in our lives too quickly? And what do we miss in the blurred scenery?


Throughout my life, I have learned a great deal from the people who slow down to notice the scenery. It could be a wildflower, river, book, animal, home-cooking, or a human being. It could be your family you are flying past, or even your own well-being. Flying too fast through life also keeps you from being a good steward of your own life and resources. Being thoughtful about the moment requires noticing how you spend your time, and also how you spend money.


On the next page, you can read about the Fall Stewardship Campaign: “You are Abundant and Free with Money”. I encourage you to slow down and wonder if the way you are spending money helps or keeps you from paying attention to the place where you are.


I hope worship throughout October gives you a sense of abundance and freedom to stop looking for the next thing, or the next best thing, and pay attention to where you are. God is abundant, but that might be blurry scenery until you slow down enough to see it. You probably do not need to spend much money to really notice God’s abundance, either. It is as free as our walk through Schnell Recreation Area.


Free abundance? Something money cannot buy?

                                                That is for you, and it is grace enough for now.


                                                                                                          By, Pastor Lisa Lewton


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