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Grace Enough for Now
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Moving to Dickinson 11 years ago meant leaving my doctor. I thought the world of Dr. Johnson, my doctor throughout my first pregnancy and birth and for the first few months of my second pregnancy until we moved. Not only would I miss my doctor in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, I would miss the entire office in which she worked! The women at the front desk were so fun and welcoming. The nurse who checked me in always made me smile even though being pregnant for the first time is terrifying. And

Dr. Johnson was wise, gentle, straightforward, and willing to answer my long list of questions about the craziness happening in my body.


One of my first phone calls after I accepted the call to St. John was to a friend in Dickinson, asking her to recommend a doctor. All these years later, I am just as thankful for my doctor in Dickinson as I was thankful for Dr. Johnson. Throughout our lives, we connect with a variety of health and wellness

professionals: physical therapists, school counselors, dentists, nurses, medical doctors, residents, Zumba instructors. Some of those connections happen at moments of crisis, others at more ordinary times in our lives. There are unique gifts that fill these professionals with a desire to care

compassionately for the whole person. They tend to be calm in the face of fear, pain, and loss, which are all parts of life most of us try to avoid.


Throughout Lent, we are going to take time to pray for the health and wellness professionals in our community of faith, and in Dickinson. These people devote their entire careers to making you well and have probably lost some sleep over you at some time. During worship each Thursday and Sunday, you will be asked to share the names of people for whom we can pray and encourage. St. John is filled with people whose daily work is to care for you. We are going to take some time in the weeks of Lent to

spiritually care for them.


At the start of Thursday and Sunday worship, you will hear from health and wellness professionals from our congregation. We are inviting them to share how their faith influences their everyday work. What you will not hear directly are stories from the families of these professionals. Sharing endless

compassion with patients affects a professional’s family. Perhaps you might say some prayers for t

hem, too.


When Marcus and I were in labor with our first child, (a process that lasted at least 40 days,) Marcus spotted Dr. Johnson having lunch in the cafeteria with her husband and kids. In the long stretch of her on-call hours, her family could accompany her through at least a small part of it.


That happens to be what we do as people of faith. We come alongside one another, 

even in very small ways for a moment as short as Lent. As Lutherans, we are often

spotted sharing a meal together because we all have a deep

mind body spiritneed for both food and fellowship. Most importantly, we are instructed

to “pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 4:17). Throughout Lent,

we pray for the wellbeing of our own bodies and minds,the bodies and

minds of our neighbors, and the men and women who help you care

for your wellbeing.


Lisa Lewton, Senior Pastor

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