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A Changing Messenger (But Not Message)
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Since its first edition on Sept. 1, 1923, St. John’s Messenger has kept people connected to

St. John month after month. The newsletter has delivered words about upcoming and previous events. It has shared the names of those who were welcomed into the congregation, announced new pastors and staff, explained big decisions made by the congregation, and so much more. “Words make worlds,” as rabbis have said. We know there are many, many words flying around in the world today, so we are excited to reshape how we deliver words to you and to others connected to St. John.


This is the last monthly edition of the newsletter. Your next newsletter will arrive the first week of October, and quarterly after that.


This final monthly newsletter tells you what is coming up at St. John. The quarterly newsletter will share stories and pictures celebrating ministry that has happened in the past few months. If you do not have children in Church School or Youth Group, we want to tell you what kids have been up to. If you are a younger family, we want to tell you about ministry among older generations. We don’t want to you miss what the Holy Spirit has been doing!


In the next week, you will receive a brief email (e-news) telling you what is coming up at St. John. We hope to keep you even more connected to your church home by reaching out to you each week. (If we do not have your updated email address, please send it to Pam Weidner at . You can also let Pam know if you would be willing to receive the quarterly newsletter electronically instead of a paper copy to save on postage and reduce paper waste.) If you like to post the monthly calendar from the newsletter on your refrigerator, you can find copies each month on the tables

outside the sanctuary.


Although the Messenger will look different, the message remains the same. We are a congregation whose message is about Living in Service to Christ. It is exciting to have so much Living and Serving to tell you each and every week in the e-news! And it will be fun to celebrate each quarter what God has been up to at St. John.


I also know this is a significant change. We are adjusting a 95-year old habit, after all! And yet, change like this is a healthy sign. It means the congregation has grown into a new time. The St. John that received the first Messenger is not the same place it is now. Today, we are a congregation of people who receive thousands of words electronically every day.


“Words make worlds.” Amid so many words, you and I are to proclaim a world of abundance and peace through the death and resurrection of Jesus. I hope that kind of life-giving message interrupts your day with every e-news and quarterly Messenger.


By, Pastor Lisa Lewton


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