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blog oct 2018

  Jesus talked a lot about kids. Matthew, Mark, and Luke all  

  remember times when Jesus invited children to be part of

  his lessons about faith and the Kingdom of God. That

  doesn't seem like such a big deal today. Today, when we

  think about kids we think about their potential. We

  especially think about their potential in sports and in the

  classroom. But in Jesus’ day, that just was not the case.

  People were not so interested in children, thinking them 

  more a nuisance than anything. So it was pretty amazing

                                                                                      when Jesus lifted kids up as examples of faith. 


Something incredible happens every Wednesday night at St John. Families arrive for dinner, volunteers serve up a delicious meal, kids and adults hustle off to class, and slowly the sanctuary fills up until it is bustling with activity. At 6:30, the place is packed, loud, and ready to worship the Lord! You would think with that sort of crowd, we would need a lot of planning to get volunteers for ushers, computer techs, and worship assistants. But in reality, in the five minutes leading up to worship, Kaitlyn and I are inundated with requests to help with worship from kids of all ages. We have so many kids who want to help serve communion, count worshipers, and click through screens, we have to turn people away every week!


Over the last few years,  I have started to understand why Jesus talked about kids so much. Their enthusiasm for service is truly remarkable! After a long day of school, they are still ready to help serve their neighbors. They serve because they are excited. They serve because they belong. They serve because they know Jesus loves them. God really can use people of all ages, abilities, and skills to accomplish incredible things! 


At St John, it takes people of all ages, abilities, and skills to fulfill our mission in the world. The ministries of St John require people who are willing to mentor, teach, cook, serve, pack, lead, think, speak, sing, play, and pretty much everything else. I hope you feel as inspired as I do by the children of St John. And if you do, I know you'll find a place to share your gifts with God's world!


Joe Natwick, Associate Pastor


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