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A New Year Filled with New Possibilities
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  When it comeblog 12.18s to New Year’s resolutions, I am rock star. The end of each December

  means a brand new start is around the corner and my palms sweat with excitement

  over the possibilities! What new goal can I work toward? What new promise to

  myself can I make?


I am promising to drink more water, because who isn’t? I set a goal to read 60 books because that is an easy thing to do while drinking all that water. And my loftiest goal, which I suspect is the most significant to my faith these days, is to write. But alas, that isn’t much of a goal. I love to write, but write what? A goal should have a measurable outcome. It should accomplish something. My goal “to write” lacks an outcome. I only have a hunch that God is inviting me to do more writing.


We sometimes have a vague hunch about something we could maybe do. We might have a hunch to do something using resources we already have, such as talent or treasure. People at St. John often amaze me when they follow these hunches. Someone might realize he has talent to be an assisting minister or run the laptop and projector at worship. Someone might notice she has talent to listen and visit the homebound. Someone might have a hunch there is enough money to be radically generous.


Hunches are planted by the Holy Spirit in order to be noticed and followed. It might take the start of a new year to stop and pay attention to a Spirit-filled hunch. We might overlook the hunch because it lacks a measurable outcome.

The pages of this newsletter are lined with stories about people who followed hunches. They had a hunch they could try something new, or do something familiar again. The hunches they noticed and followed created fertile ground for God to work. When people of faith follow hunches, the hungry are fed and the naked are clothed. So many of you followed hunches to give to ELCA Good Gifts in December, that you raised more than $9,000 to support ministry around the globe!


January marks the start of a new year of possibilities. Any promise you might make can be made with the freedom and mercy God has first given you in Jesus Christ. Wherever your hunches might lead, you are already made new in Christ, every day, even when you fail to drink enough water.    


Lisa Lewton, Senior Pastor


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