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Going it Together
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Why does Jesus need disciples? I mean, look at them! Throughout the story, they show a complete lack of understanding of his mission, they fail at multiple turns, and eventually they abandon him to die on a cross alone.


So I ask you, why would Jesus (the Son of God–the savior of the world) need these twelve human beings to frustrate and slow him down? What’s the point? Couldn’t he just go it alone?


But we shouldn’t be surprised Jesus does this, because there is something in God that has always been communal. God is just not the type to “go it alone.” From the very beginning God uses the pronoun “we” as in “let us make humankind in our image, according to our likeness” (Genesis 1:26). Even God’s name is communal. In Hebrew God is called Elohim which is a plural word.


And then by chapter 12 of Genesis God decides to enlist a human being named Abraham to help bless the people of the world. There is something so important about togetherness, that it is built into God’s very being and given to us in creation. We are created in that same communal likeness!


This is good news because we don’t have to go through life alone. I find this especially true during times of change in my life.


In August, I began a Doctor of Ministry degree at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. This 3-year degree will joes ministry class
hopefully make me a more effective pastor and a better preacher. And as much as I am excited about learning, reading, and writing, what I am most excited for are the partners - 29 other ministers from various racial, denominational, and cultural backgrounds who will be journeying with me during these three years. They will help me reach the finish line and they will challenge me along the way. 


And in February, Becca and I are expecting our first child. From what I hear, our lives are going to be pretty different come springtime!


And, yes, I am nervous for all that is to come, but I am not that nervous. Because we don’t go it alone. God has put so many people into our lives who care about us, pray for us, and support us.


Life comes with a lot of transitions. Some happy and some sad. Some of you are transitioning after the loss of someone in your life, trying to figure out new routines. Some of you are empty-nesting for the first time in your life. Some of you might just be finding a hobby or starting a new job.


Whatever it is, remember that you don’t go it alone. The Son of God didn’t, so why should you? You have people who love you. You have friends who support you. You have a church that will always welcome you with open arms.


You don’t go it alone, we go it together  with Jesus right there with us!


Joe Natwick, Associate Pastor

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