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Sunday Morning at 10:30am


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 Date: Sun, May 15, 2022       Preacher: Laney Herauf       Series: Narrative Lectionary
 Passage: Acts 17:16-31
 Date: Sun, Apr 17, 2022       Preacher: Lisa Lewton, Lead Pastor      
 Passage: John 20:1-18
 Date: Fri, Apr 15, 2022             Series: Holy Week
 Date: Thu, Apr 14, 2022       Preacher: Lisa Lewton, Lead Pastor       Series: Holy Week
The story of the last supper in John’s gospel recalls a remarkable event not mentioned elsewhere: Jesus performs the duty of a slave, washing the feet of his disciples and urging them to do the same for one other.
 Date: Sun, Apr 10, 2022       Preacher: Lisa Lewton, Lead Pastor      
 Passage: John 12:12-27
This week, the center of the church’s year, is one of striking contrasts: Jesus rides into Jerusalem surrounded by shouts of glory, only to be left alone to die on the cross, abandoned by even his closest friends. We witness Jesus in his complete human vulnerability: agitated, grieved, scared, forsaken. Though we lament Christ’s suffering and all human suffering, we also expect God’s salvation: in the Holy Meal, Jesus promises that his death will mark a new covenant with all people. We enter this holy week thirsty for the completion of God’s astonishing work.
 Date: Wed, Apr 06, 2022       Preacher: Lisa Lewton, Senior Pastor       Series: Lent
 Passage: John 19:1-16
 Date: Sun, Apr 03, 2022       Preacher: Brent Seaks, Badlands Ministries Director       Series: Lent
 Passage: John 19:1-16
The crowd made a choice and chose to free Barabas and not Jesus. We have more than two choices of careers in our lives. How do we make this choice? What if we choose wrong? Jesus chose us, can that help us be more gentle on ourselves as we choose our everyday work?
 Date: Wed, Mar 30, 2022       Preacher: Interview with Sherry Libis       Series: Lent
 Passage: John 18:28-40
 Date: Sun, Mar 27, 2022       Preacher: Shawn Leiss       Series: Lent
 Passage: John 18:28-40
Pilate balances the demands of the crowd, and the Jewish and Roman laws as he makes his decision to condemn Jesus. We are always balancing a number of priorities and values in our everyday work. How much time do we spend in our everyday work? With family? Resting? Pursuing hobbies or leisure?
 Date: Wed, Mar 23, 2022       Preacher: Inteview with Michael Stevenson       Series: Lent
 Passage: John 18:12-27

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