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Sunday Morning at 10:30am


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 Date: Sun, Sep 12, 2021       Preacher: Joe Natwick, Assoc. Pastor       Series: Narrative Lectionary
 Passage: Genesis 1:1-2:4
 Date: Sun, Sep 05, 2021       Preacher: Lisa Lewton, Senior Pastor      
 Passage: Mark 7:24-37
In Mark’s gospel, encounters with women usually signify turning points in Jesus’ ministry. Here, a conversation with a Syrophoenician woman marks the beginning of his mission to the Gentiles.
 Date: Sun, Aug 29, 2021       Preacher: Joe Natwick, Assoc. Pastor      
 Passage: Mark 7:1-23
Mark’s gospel depicts Jesus as challenging traditional ways in which religious people determine what is pure or impure. For Jesus, the observance of religious practices cannot become a substitute for godly words or deeds that spring from a faithful heart.
 Date: Sun, Aug 22, 2021       Preacher: Lisa Lewton, Senior Pastor      
 Passage: John 6:56-69
The “hard saying” that offends Jesus’ disciples is his claim that his followers must eat his flesh and drink his blood. The followers who return to their old lives know something about how odd this sounds. Simon Peter, on the other hand, knows something about the scarcity of living, gracious words. He asks the most important question: “To whom shall we go?”
 Date: Sun, Aug 15, 2021       Preacher: Christina Jorgensen, Faith Formation Director      
 Passage: John 6:51-58
In John’s gospel, the feeding of the five thousand leads to extended teaching in which Jesus identifies himself as the true “bread of life.” Finally, in these verses, he makes a connection that would not be understood until after his death, in light of the church’s celebration of holy communion.
 Date: Sun, Aug 08, 2021       Preacher: Lisa Lewton, Senior Pastor      
 Passage: John 6:35 & John 6:41-51
After feeding more than five thousand people in the wilderness, Jesus teaches them regarding the true significance of this remarkable sign.
 Date: Sun, Aug 01, 2021       Preacher: Joe Natwick, Assoc. Pastor      
 Passage: John 6:24-35
Many of the five thousand people Jesus fed in the wilderness continued to follow him throughout the countryside. Jesus challenges them to consider the real nature of their quest.
 Date: Sun, Jul 25, 2021       Preacher: Pastor Paul Hansen, Senior Philanthropic Adviser - Luther Seminary      
 Passage: John 6:0-21
In John’s gospel, the miracles of Jesus are called “signs,” because they reveal the true character of God. As such, they remain within the mystery of God and cannot be brought under human control.
 Date: Sun, Jul 18, 2021       Preacher: Bishop Craig Schweitzer      
 Passage: Mark 6:30-34 & Mark 6:53-56
When Jesus sends his disciples out to teach and heal, they minister among large numbers of people. Their work is motivated by Christ’s desire to be among those in need.
 Date: Sun, Jul 11, 2021       Preacher: Joe Natwick, Assoc. Pastor      
 Passage: Mark 6:14-29
As Jesus and his disciples begin to attract attention, Mark recalls the story of John the Baptist’s martyrdom. Like John, Jesus and his disciples will also suffer at the hands of those opposed to the gospel of salvation.

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