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There are many opportunities to serve within the walls of St. John, and beyond our doors! We encourage everyone to be an active part of St. John – whether it is helping with worship, serving on a committee, teaching, or taking part in the ministries available.

Check out the opportunities and contact a pastor to get involved! Perhaps you would like to start a new program –

St. John is always open to new programs and groups!




There are many opportunities to serve within the walls of St. John, and beyond our doors! We encourage everyone to be an active part of St. John – whether it is helping with worship, serving on a committee, teaching, or taking part in the ministries available.

Check out the opportunities and contact a pastor to get involved! Perhaps you would like to start a new program –

St. John is always open to new programs and groups!






Senior Choir

The Senior Choir sings on scheduled Sundays.  Visit the calendar for rehearsal times.  Come and sing whenever you are here for worship! Everyone is welcome!

Handbell Choir

The Handbell Choir play their bells each month in worship. Visit the calendar for rehearsal times. If you are interested in joining the group, come to practice and see what this group is all about! In 2019, members of the Handbell Choir went to New York over Thanksgiving and played in the Great Christmas Ring at Carnegie Hall!  See a slideshow about their experience!

Organist / Pianist

St. John is always looking for additional people who can play the organ or piano and would like to assist with worship. Schedules are flexible where musicians rotate on Sundays they assist.


If you enjoy singing and would be interested in leading the Psalm during worship, please contact the church office. Additional people are always welcome. Schedules are flexible as cantors rotate the Sundays they assist. If you are comfortable speaking as well, many Cantors also are the Assisting Minister for that worship service.

Special Music

Perhaps you like to sing or play a special instrument and would like to share your gift! Contact the church office to schedule a date and time you would like to share your talent.


The Assisting Minister reads the lessons during worship. This schedule is flexible as Assistants rotate the Sundays they read. Lessons are sent out in advance. If a Cantor is not scheduled, the Assisting Minister may read the Psalm responsively, or sing it if they desire.


This group takes special care of the Altar area. This includes setting up and cleaning up for communion, placing Altar flowers, and taking special care in cleaning the altar area. The group meets monthly to care for the Altar area together, and schedule a Sunday during the month when they can set up and clean up for communion.


Twice each month, a homemade loaf of bread is served in place of communion wafers. If you enjoy baking, the recipe is simple! Call the church office to add your name to the Communion Bread schedule. (


Are you interested in assisting with keeping the sanctuary area “stocked” with sharpened pencils, visitor cards, offering envelopes and refilling the children’s activity bags? This is very a flexible task that can be done any day during the week.

Computers & Sound System

If you are comfortable working on a computer, this could be the place for you!


This person is responsible for running the system so the worship information shows up on the big screen. The worship service is put together, and the Projector Tech comes in for worship and runs the computer for each screen to show up on the big screen. Techs rotate through worship services on Sundays and Thursdays.

Perhaps you would be willing to help out during special events – a congregational meal or class where someone is needed to run the equipment. No worries – someone will show you how the equipment works. Many times it is difficult for the person leading the session to work the equipment as well.

Meeting Others

If you like to meet and greet new people, have a light conversation with the “regulars”, or spend quality time with those who find it difficult to come to worship, then this is the area for you!


Ushers meet and greet people as they come through our doors. It is an excellent way to get to know the people of St. John and offer a quick “Hello” and a smile. Handing out the bulletin and cleaning out the pews after worship, and leading the rows for communion lend to an orderly service. Ushers also assist visitors as they come to St. John – directing them to classes, explaining worship and offering hearing impaired equipment are a few of the things an usher may do. In basic terms – Make St. John feel like home to everyone who comes.


The Visitation Team ensures that those who are hospitalized or homebound see a friendly face from St. John. If you have a little more time to give and enjoy sitting down for a visit, or if you are someone who would like to receive a visit, contact the church office for more details on how this group is scheduled.


Would you like to assist someone with getting to a doctor appointment, and home again? This ministry is flexible as it works with your schedule. If this is something you would be willing to be “on call / if you are available”, contact the church office to put your name on the list.

Leading Our Youth


If you enjoy the babies and tiny tots, why not help out in the nursery during worship  or during special meetings as needed. This is a great ministry to play with the “littlest” and ensure they feel comfortable being at St. John. The worship service is on a speaker and can be heard in the nursery if desired.


St. John has Church School classes for ages 3 – 6th grade on Wednesday evenings  throughout the school year. Every effort is made to pair leaders together to work with busy schedules and allow flexibility. You are not required to prepare lessons – they are available to view online and in the classroom. Visit the Church School to learn more about these fun classes.


Each summer, St. John hosts a Day Camp (typically held in August). This camp is led by Badlands Ministries Bible Camp and its counselors. Helpers are always needed during this week to assist counselors, provide snacks,

etc. Visit the Day Camp page in the summer to find out more information on what is needed for the current year.


Mentors are a wonderful extension of the Jr. High Confirmation program. Students are divided into groups of 4-6 students and paired with a Mentor. Mentors meet as a group to go over lessons / topics that will be discussed within the Mentor Group session with students. These Mentor Groups meet monthly and build a bridge between the youth and a congregational member. A mentor stays with their group throughout their confirmation years (7th – 9th grade) and are a vital part of the faith development of their students.

St John Support

Are you a person who likes to “work behind the scenes”? Some people enjoy doing a task and knowing that what they do matters! This group of “supporters” is very important to St. John, as they assist with tasks so that the staff can continue working on the details.


Some people like to do Office Work, and will answer phones when someone is on vacation or the staff is in their monthly meeting. There are also people who meet quarterly to get The Messenger Newsletter ready to be mailed, or as needed to stuff envelopes for statements or special mailings. Perhaps you would enjoy assembling the bulletins for worship. This is very flexible and those who volunteer in this area love to spend a few hours of their time – once a week, a month, or a year.


If you are financial- minded, you may enjoy this area. Each week, a counter is assigned to countdown the offering with the Financial Administrator for all worship services from the previous week. Scheduling throughout the year is flexible. If you are a 10-key person, this is where you belong.


Do you have a love of sewing? The St. John Quilters meet every Tuesday morning at 8:30 am to sew, enjoy coffee and refreshments and the great fellowship. If you do not know how to sew, there are other tasks to complete such as cutting the fabric and tying the yarn.

In 2015, this group sent out over 300 quilts to those in need around the world, and over 70 quilts were given away locally.   In May, quilts are presented to the graduating seniors to “wrap them in the love of St. John” as they begin their next chapter in their lives.

This group also assembled over 40 Health Kits which were shipped through Lutheran World Relief.



St. John has been blessed with a strong leadership in its committees and staff. Members who serve on committees are gifted to lead and nurture the congregation into new directions with their ideas. If you are interested in being a part of the leadership or staff at St. John, please contact Senior Pastor, Lisa Lewton ( ) to get the process started.

New committees are formed at the beginning of each year, with 2-3 year terms being served.


The Council “oversees” all of the committees and building concerns. Members serve a 2-year term.


Working alongside the Senior Pastor, this group works through all personnel matters in the church.


This committee directs the congregation in “how to be good stewards of our time and our possessions”. This encompasses volunteerism as well as giving contributions to area programs and those who are in need around the world.


This committee “oversees” the work of the Trust Fund with its contributions and donations. Terms are 3 years.   


St. John is strong in its Outreach program – we love to reach beyond our doors to others in the community. There are opportunities throughout the year to be a part of something “bigger”. All of these programs are open to everyone. It is a time for all of us to come together in Christ’s name and be a part of something bigger as we help others in the community of Dickinson and western ND.

outreach.jpgGODS WORK. OUR HANDS

This is a big event at St. John, held in the fall. It is a day when we cancel our 10:30 am service to put our hands and feet to work in God’s name in our community! We meet for a breakfast and blessing as we are sent out in the community to do a wide array of activities, such as picking up garbage, painting at schools and playgrounds, singing at nursing homes, flower arranging for homebound, making scarves for patients in the hospital, and baking items for our neighbors who so graciously allow parking in front of their homes every Sunday. It is a fun event that all ages can participate in together!


Donations for the AMEN Food Pantry are done regularly through several different groups throughout the year. Keeping the local food pantry stocked, and volunteering to assist at the pantry are ways to help in our own community.


This wonderful program collects food for area children who depend on school lunches. Backpacks are filled for kids to supplement their meals over the weekends and throughout the summer months when school lunches are no longer available.


Helping out at the area Bible camp is always a fun thing to do! Going to the Badlands outside of Medora reminds us of God’s beautiful creation and offers a sense of peace and tranquility. Each year, the Bible camp holds a day to get geared up for summer camp, and a clean-up day at the end of summer. Counseling and assisting at summer camp is also a fun option for anyone who enjoys the camp experience. Visit their website for other opportunities they have throughout the year with their retreats and committees!


St. John participates in this important program each year. Members are invited to take an Operation Christmas Child shoebox and fill it with "goodies" for a child around the world.


St. John hosts an Angel Tree each year. Anyone can choose tags from the tree and purchase needed (or wanted) items for Christmas to families in need in the area.


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